There are not enough people giving credit where credit is due when it comes to Slovenia and its green, peaceful, scenic capital, Ljubljana . Take some time to appreciate this charming city, its bridges over the Ljubljanica river, like the Triple Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, and Butchers Bridge, its cafés overlooking the river banks, its typical honey shops and sausage bodegas, and you'll find it quite amazing — just as I did.
Lisbon's in constant mutation and there are places coming and going almost every week, maybe — I'm just saying, there's always something new going on, something exciting, something sad, as well, but everything does happen for a reason, and the reason that brings me here is three stores in Lisbon we're really feeling right now: 27 Lisboa , Nomad Goods , and Under The Cover .
Every single day we discover new products, new brands, new things. They catch our attention for a moment, but only the most special ones stay on our radar. June is a special month, it's officially summertime (in the North Hemisphere, of course), days run smoothly, it's great to go out and enjoy a glass of wine with friends after work and on the weekends it’s time to go to the beach — and after-beach chill out at some of our favourite dinner spots; most of us have the first days of summer holidays, and everybody looks happier.
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