There are not enough people giving credit where credit is due when it comes to Slovenia and its green, peaceful, scenic capital, Ljubljana . Take some time to appreciate this charming city, its bridges over the Ljubljanica river, like the Triple Bridge, the Dragon Bridge, and Butchers Bridge, its cafés overlooking the river banks, its typical honey shops and sausage bodegas, and you'll find it quite amazing — just as I did.
Hello, friends! This time, I'm bringing you with me to Barcelona! Ready? It was a short trip, but we did our best with the time we had. I was in need of some fresh air to restart this new year and these days were a huge inspiration! I went to Barcelona about 10 years ago with my best friend for a New Year's Eve party, so coming back was really good. I love this city, I felt so inspired just by walking around, finding little corners and sweet spots.
Last February, I went to Switzerland one more time. I love that country and I'm sure I'll come back in a few years. There are always new things to explore, especially amazing landscapes. I've been there two times during the winter, so spring, you're the next!
The weekend is here, it's time to return to city and enjoy. Walk along the streets, discover new spots, go back to the old but [still] divine spots. Just enjoy! This weekend get lost in Lisbon downtown.
Annie Georgia Greenberg in Lisbon | image credits:  Refinery29 All the contributors writing for Backstage Journal have a very special connection to Lisbon. It's our city, some of us live here, some of us used to live here, a lot of our friends are here and we truly love Lisbon.
Yoga retreats are getting more and more popular but what is really there for you? If you're not sure what the benefits are on joining a yoga retreat or if you question the investment it requires, here’s 20 reasons why you should make it happen.
We loved Indonesia! It’s a whole different world from what we are used to. I felt it more in Indonesia than in Malaysia. We started in Bali. The paradise everyone talks about. What can I say about Bali: from the touristic point of view, it’s pretty well located, with lots of restaurants and shops. The staff is all super nice and knows how to give tourists a proper welcome.
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