Yoga retreats are getting more and more popular but what is really there for you?
If you're not sure what the benefits are on joining a yoga retreat or if you question the investment it requires, here’s 20 reasons why you should make it happen.

1. Have a meaningful vacation
We all have a bucket-list, we all have places we would like to visit so we might end up traveling just to tick some boxes from the list. Going on a yoga retreat gives you a reason to travel with a purpose and will give you time for personal growth, which is a fantastic added benefit.

2. Visit beautiful destinations
Yoga retreats can be held pretty much everywhere around the world and are usually in beautiful places. You can combine travelling, get to know a new culture, with an experience that will serve you on a deeper level. It's like two for the price of one!

3. Connect with nature
Step back from the stress of a busy city and immerse yourself in natural surroundings. There is nothing like nature to help us heal and you’ll be able to connect with it in a much deeper level when joining in a yoga retreat. Take advantage of nature in a way you wouldn’t do in any other occasion.

4. Disconnect from technology
We've never been more connected to the world as we are now. Depending so much on our phones, using internet and technology, glued to screens constantly sharing and posting. Connected to the world but so disconnected from ourselves. Going on a retreat isn't necessarily a digital detox, but you can make it that way if you want to. It can be the perfect excuse to stay away from digital distractions, to get back to basics and to live in the present moment.

5. Learn meditation techniques
Use a yoga retreat to turn off the monkey voice in your head and negative thinking, opening up to positive thoughts. Learn to switch off. Meditation is often part of a retreat program and the good thing is that you don’t need to come back to your busy life in between sessions, keeping that calmness throughout the day and the retreat in general.  A yoga retreat will give you a space to meditate fully, without any distractions.

6. Surround yourself with good vibes
It will be a vacation full of positive energy. Usually this kind of holidays attract like-minded people and you’ll be surrounded with positive thoughts and feelings.

7. Meet new people and new perspectives
You will be able to make new positive connections, friendships, and you never know what you can learn from others that can affect your future choices or make you see your own circumstances in a different perspective.

8. Discover another version of you
A yoga retreat will give you a real sense of connection to yourself and to your purpose. It will bring you clarity and the tools you need to keep your practice going into your daily life. Going on a retreat can bring out the healthiest and happiest version of you.

9. Find healing
Going on a retreat can be a life-changing experience and bring healing to your physical and mental health. It can help you deal with any emotional and mental issues you might be having. It can also be healing for your body if you’ve experienced injury.

10. Embrace challenges
When you work on a deeper level, you might trigger things in you that you were not aware off. The challenges will be there, physically and mentally, but a retreat is a safe place to be guided through emotions and face them head on. We can’t change what we are not aware of and growth starts when we step out our comfort zone.

11. Deepen and improve your yoga practice
If you are looking into deepen and improve your practice, then a yoga retreat will be helpful. The classes are usually longer and more complete, with meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques). You will be able to practice every day without distractions and you'll improve your yoga practice so much. Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or experienced yogi. Whatever you are you can deepen your practice on retreat and aim to reach the next level.

12. Have some “me” time
With our busy lives sometimes we forget to prioritise ourselves and take the time just for us. Although you can be surrounded by people on a yoga retreat, you can also use this opportunity to be alone if you need. Taking time for yourself is a top reason why you should join a yoga retreat.

13. Connect with the teachers
You will be able to spend more time with the teachers for more than just a class. Throughout the retreat, you can ask questions, discuss with them things about yoga and wellness in general and take advantage of any one-on-one time they might offer to help you improve your yoga practice.

14. Discover healthy eating
Usually the food provided on retreats is carefully chosen and prepared for your health and wellbeing. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring and you would be surprised how tasty it can be! Going on a retreat is an opportunity to discover new recipes and dishes, to eat well without having to worry about it yourself and it’s a habit you can take home with you.

15. Get to know yourself more
Coming together with others in such a healing environment and it can sometimes bring the best and the worst of one another. All you can do is to work on yourself, on your energy. You might discover things about you that you were not aware of. Sometimes good things, sometimes bad things and that’s ok. We are not perfect and we can only improve ourselves if we are aware where the issues are.

16. Learn about the philosophy of yoga
Yoga isn't just about poses (asanas). Going on a yoga retreat will give you opportunity to learn more about this ancient art and connect deeply to yourself.

17. Don't worry, relax and have fun
Planning holidays can be stressful and time-consuming. The good thing about a yoga retreat is that you don't have to worry. The majority of things, or even everything, will be taken care of for you. You just need to be there to enjoy the ride and you might be surprised with all the fun you can have. Relaxing doesn't necessarily means getting bored.

18. Have a unique experience
As you continue to grow within yourself, you change, so a yoga retreat will always be different, even if you return to the same place with the same group of people. Your frame of mind and the circumstances you are on will never be the same again. Going on a yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience.

19. Come back refreshed
Have you been on vacation and came back thinking that you need to rest? Joining a yoga retreat will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, relax and improve your health. You'll just want to do it again!

20. You deserve it
This vacation is all about YOU and taking care of your being. Treat yourself with an experience you won’t forget. You deserve it!

If you’re feeling stuck, stressed, emotionally imbalanced, been thinking about taking a break and love yoga, consider joining on a yoga retreat. What other vacation will give you 20 amazing benefits?

Thank you so much for reading.

With love.

Cat xx


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