Work and live in a clear and organised space it's very important to help you focus on the important things that will help you to achieve your goals. At the same time, organize your time and your priorities is also very important and essential. (c) La Porte Space 1. Always plan next week on Sunday (1 hour maximum) so that everything starts well and organized, and, during the week, adjust the days and tasks. 2. Don't multitask, start and complete a task to make sure that you do it properly and that you don't forget to finish it. 3. Have two separate goals lists - one personal and one for work - but them merge them into a general calendar so you don't end up with more tasks than hours in the day. Balance is essential. 4. Clean your desk by the end of the day. Start the work day in a clean environment is very important. 5. By the end of each week, reflect on the goals you set for yourself and plan your goals for the week to come. Always set sp
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