Lisbon's in constant mutation and there are places coming and going almost every week, maybe — I'm just saying, there's always something new going on, something exciting, something sad, as well, but everything does happen for a reason, and the reason that brings me here is three stores in Lisbon we're really feeling right now: 27 Lisboa , Nomad Goods , and Under The Cover .
Hello, friends! I'm back with a handful of super cute places around the city of my heart, Lisbon! I've always been a breakfast lover; I could have breakfast all day and be happy with that. Some years ago, I would spend hours searching for cute coffee shops to visit in my next trip. I was in love with everything abroad and missing this kind of thing in my city.
The weekend is here, it's time to return to city and enjoy. Walk along the streets, discover new spots, go back to the old but [still] divine spots. Just enjoy! This weekend get lost in Lisbon downtown.
Annie Georgia Greenberg in Lisbon | image credits:  Refinery29 All the contributors writing for Backstage Journal have a very special connection to Lisbon. It's our city, some of us live here, some of us used to live here, a lot of our friends are here and we truly love Lisbon.
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