Every single day we discover new products, new brands, new things. They catch our attention for a moment, but only the most special ones stay on our radar. October is the fall month. The new season starts, we have the first 'weekend at home', chilling with Netflix, our favourite candles and a cup of tea. This month our radar it's about Portuguese talents and brands, because we are doing very cool things, here in Portugal.
Fashion month's over and, in addition to the runway trends, we were inspired by street style outfits that define the upcoming trends.
Anine Bing's New Flagship L.A. Store March is just around the corner and, in a blink of a eye, Spring will be here!  This is the perfect time to prepare and organise your wardrobe for the next season.  Follow this top five tips to set up your wardrobe for Spring:
It's almost inevitable to make New Year's resolutions. Every year. And never go ahead with it! Every year we fail and we always do it the same way the next year. I believe it's possible to stick with New Year's resolutions, but there are small rules we should follow to make it easier to keep our commitment.
The weekend is here, it's time to return to city and enjoy. Walk along the streets, discover new spots, go back to the old but [still] divine spots. Just enjoy! This weekend get lost in Lisbon downtown.
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