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{Introducing the contributors}



Backstage | Dina Horta

My name's Dina, I'm 34 years old, I live in Lisbon now and I'm a digital entrepreneur crazy about beautiful things and new projects. I'm totally addicted to this world of creating something new.
In 2014, during one of my trips to NYC, while I was discovering new brands and trends around the ultimate trendy neighbourhood, I had the idea of creating a lifestyle digital platform where people could find different products and new brands from around the world, that have special details and functional design, and that's how Pop the Bubble was born.

Since then, I've been totally emerged in the entrepreneurship world, learning something new every day and living my dream. Meanwhile, I travel [as much as I can] and enjoy the little moments of life, a day at Comporta [one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal], dinner with a view and amazing food, a walk to the mountains or a chill-out moment at my hometown.

Just enjoy!

@popthebubble and @dina_horta


Hi there!

Backstage | Soraia Martins

My name's Soraia and I'm a 31-year-old freelance writer and translator.

I'm a writer at heart and translator by trade — more often than not I mix these two up. I've been working as a translator since 2007 and have concluded a mammoth number of projects in various fields.

Writing just came naturally to me, both in Portuguese and in English, so I decided to pursue it, and have already contributed to a number of magazines and lifestyle websites, as well as the webzine I co-created, Almanaque.

My role here is to bring you the very best content I can get my hands on, though I prefer not to confuse quantity with quality — the latter always comes first.

@voltadomar_ and @almanaquezine


Backstage | Sílvia Ferreira

My name's Sílvia, I'm 27 years old and I'm a super-in-love photographer.

Life has brought me some unexpected changes, and what started has a simple hobby, rapidly became a huge chunk in my daily life. It brings me a sense of self-accomplishment and happiness.
I’m an eternal lover for the golden hour and people in love.

I'm also addicted to beautiful planners and journals, so if you see me with a new one every week, just assume it's normal!

I love to travel around the world with my significant other and capture every single detail of our adventures!

Thank you for your visit and I hope to make your days happier!



Backstage | Catarina Ferreira

I'm Catarina, 31 years old, yoga teacher and an eternal student.

My first contact with yoga was when I was a child. My mum used to practice and brought me to class for a couple of times. I had to sit there, wait for her to finish, not knowing that this practice would become my passion in my adult life. Life really messes around with you...

My background is in Fine Arts and I used to work in post-production for film. I moved to London 6 years ago to follow the dream of working in the magic of the movies. The dream turned into reality, but the long hours in front of a computer started aggravating my back condition, so I looked for yoga to help me. Years later, I ended up taking a teacher training to deepen my practice and loved it so much that I quit my job to dedicate myself to teaching what I've learned. I felt the need to share this beautiful art, hoping to help others on their journey towards happiness and a better life. And now, here I am, I moved from London back to Portugal and I'm now living a simpler life in Odeceixe teaching yoga, exploring healthy food — oh, I love food — and connecting with you through technology.

I hope to bring you some valuable content and to inspire you to live your best life.
Stay connected. Much love and light,


Hi there!

Backstage | Marta Fernandes

My name is Marta. I'm a 36-year-old child at heart, and I'm a freelance designer.
Since I was a kid, I always had a love for crafting and making things. So, I really consider myself, above all else, a maker! I love to create new things, and my addiction is paper and crafting tools. Oh, and all things cute and kawaii.

I also love organisation, and my everyday challenge is to make life simpler and more efficient! I'll tell you later how that's going.

Since 2016, my life took a turn, and I moved with my hubby and dog from Lisbon to the island of Madeira.

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful place to live, although that means to practice a more minimalist way of life and to learn to live in the present. It has been a growth experience, to cherish the little moments and understand what truly matters.

Thank you for reading!

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