Wednesday, May 30, 2018


In case you're wondering what the title means exactly, we've got you covered: The Sweet Art Museum opens its doors on May 31st for the first time ever and it promises to take us on a journey through a world of wonders specially designed for those with a sweet tooth, indeed.

Backstage | Sweet Art Museum

For three whole months, this pop up visual degustation will be open to the public inside a 600-square-meter warehouse near Rua do Açúcar (is that sweet enough for you?), in Marvila.
The instagram-friendly installation is set on bringing kids and grown-ups together for a field trip to eight rooms overflowing with colour, fun objects, and happy scenarios — after all, its motto is "Say yes to happiness".

But what is it all about? Well, the 'Splash Mallow Pool', for instance, is a giant marshmallow pool where everyone will be welcome to take a dive in, whereas the 'Candy Wash Room' will feature massive, rotating lollipops in an ode to the most imaginative minds. Want to see ice cream come alive? Head over to the 'Ice Cream Land'.

Backstage | The Sweet Art Museum

After Lisbon, other Portuguese cities will be bestowed with The Sweet Art Museum, but not everything will be exactly the same: some rooms will remain as is, but others will be designed by a guest artist. Make sure you don't miss this edition's guest, Maria Imaginário, and her 'Lucky Fruit' installation.

Who would've thought that Lisbon could get any sweeter?

Backstage | Soraia Martins


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