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Backstage | McQueen: The Gut-Wrenching Documentary Is Almost Here

Eight years ago, Alexander McQueen was at the peak of his career when he took his own life, shocking the entire fashion world. His legacy, though, has lived through the years as if it never happened in our minds and in our hearts, proving once more that McQueen was — is — one of the most profound, immersive, and brilliant artists of our time, spreading beyond his field.

This year, his most iconic moments will be walking hand in hand with his darkest ones in the new documentary 'McQueen', directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui, a take on a myriad of McQueen's best moments on the runway, the studio, and how his love for what he did kept him going, but also how death was somehow always a main figure in his haute couture garments, like a constant reminder of how the fashion industry eventually got to him and his tender soul.

The skull, a well-known symbol of the Alexander McQueen design house since the beginning, plays a chilling role throughout the documentary, showcasing how aesthetics were paramount in his work. It also shows his journey — from his first years to the heartbreaking end — as if it were a video album, uncovering tragic truths that could only be shown or explained by someone as delicate as McQueen.

Backstage | McQueen: The Gut-Wrenching Documentary Is Almost Here

His years as a misfit led him to create controversial collections, which were the starting point for a worldwide phenomenon that ravaged the 90s. All of his catwalk choices are displayed here, as we were finally worthy of absorbing it all together, in the likes of a gift from the fashion gods — though the final sections will surely bring us viewers to tears, as we grieve, bewail, and silently suffer like McQueen did in his moments of his life and career.

Watch the full trailer here.

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Backstage | Soraia Martins

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