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People say everything happens for a reason, in its own time, and that's exactly what happened with A-line, a Portuguese brand that's ready to take over the tailor-made woman's shirt wear world. The brand oozes elegance, poise, and savoir-faire, a fairly holy trinity that makes up for what women look for in a shirt.

Backstage | Brand Spolight: A-line

The founder, Alexandra Carneiro, believes she's speaking from one woman to another when designing these amazing, detail-oriented shirts that seek to fit every woman's desire, be it sophistication, comfort or a certain something to it. Materials like cotton and silk are the prime choices, followed by neutral shades and pastel colours.

We created A-line because we have realised that there is a segment of women unsuccessfully looking for elegant, comfortable pieces that are adaptable and suitable for any time of the day. Alexandra Carneiro, founder of A-line

Backstage | Brand Spolight: A-line

Alexandra's mother was a dressmaker, which makes her undoubtably familiar with thread and fabrics, making the most of what she learned from the master herself: high-quality standards in every little thing she sewn.

In 2016, A-line was thus born, carrying within its essence the purpose of reinventing the shirt, a common staple in every woman's closet, yet almost certainly lacking the element of real fit or of standing out from all the others.

Backstage | Brand Spolight: A-line

The latest collection follows these lines, falling back on iconic women like Sofia, mostly similar to the previous one, which debut leans on feminine power and takes inspiration from a number of different eras, from the French Commedia dell'Arte to the Victorian age and the 80s irreverence. A-line's story is divided into chapters, reminding us that every story has its own pace as it lives through us — those looking from the outside.

Also, don't miss out on A-line's awe-inspiring instagram page and the stories they write on their website.

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