A morning and evening routine can play a big role in maintaining our health and beauty but can also impact our productivity. They can help us not only to make us feel good with ourselves, but also to stay productive, have clarity, achieve more and do work that actually matters for a fruitful and positive day. No wonder that CEOs from successful companies have their own morning and evening routines.
7 evening routines for successful people
Evening routine to set you up for the next day In the evening, it’s important to have a break between the busy work day and the time you go to bed. Allow yourself time to slow down, to break the patterns of thoughts so you can come to a state where you can have a deep, rejuvenating beauty sleep, which is so important for our health. Here are some things you can include on your evening routine:

1. Have a nourishing drink
Drink something nourishing and calming. Warm almond milk, with some relaxer elements added in like saffron, giving the message to your brain that is time to slow down and relax. Also, a cup of tea like camomile can calm you down. Sip it an hour before going to bed.
7 evening routines for successful people

2. Early and light dinner
Plan your evening times so you can an earlier dinner, at least a couple of hours before bed, giving you time to digest before going to sleep. Don’t have anything too heavy that will stimulate your digestive system, leaving you awake longer than you need to.

3. Plan the next day
In order to minimise the amount of thinking you need to do in the morning, take time to prepare things. Pick out the clothes you’ll wear, prepare the food you’ll eat and organize any work-related materials you need to bring. If you’ll be going to the gym, prepare your workout clothes and water. Reduce any possibilities that might keep you from exercising.
7 evening routines for successful people

4. Get organised
Waking up in a messy house isn’t the most motivating way to start the day. Take time to wash the dishes, put the garbage out and put things in place. Spending just 10 to 20 minutes a night tidying up will help to reduce stress in the morning and avoid long cleaning sessions during the weekends.

5. Leave technology behind
Go back to basics and leave technology behind by turning off the TV and not looking at your phone or computer if possible. Minimise the blue lights that might come from a screen.
Instead of watching a movie waiting for sleep to come, read a book, play cards with your partner or do some writing. Journaling is a great way to wind-down and put things into perspective.

6. Self-massage
Our skin is our largest organ. Promotes not only detoxification but also sensorial perception, so by touching the skin with sesame oil or coconut oil will help you to bring back to the “here and now”.
Try Abhyanga, a form of Ayurvedic medicine that involves a massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil. You can also try Acupressure, a traditional Chinese Medicine technique similar in principle to Acupuncture but without the usage of needles, only pressure of the fingers, hands or elbows.
7 evening routines for successful people

7. Yoga and Meditation
Give yourself some time to slow down and tune in. Whatever practice works for you. Pranayama (breathing) techniques, yin yoga or simple meditation where you just sit and tune into your breath.

An evening routine will help you establish good sleep, good digestion, good health, and ultimately really feel your best. It can be hard to build new routines as it takes intention and a bit of discipline, but with time it becomes easier and you will start noticing the differences it will make in your life.

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