Hello, friends! This time, I'm bringing you with me to Barcelona! Ready?

It was a short trip, but we did our best with the time we had. I was in need of some fresh air to restart this new year and these days were a huge inspiration! I went to Barcelona about 10 years ago with my best friend for a New Year's Eve party, so coming back was really good. I love this city, I felt so inspired just by walking around, finding little corners and sweet spots.

As usual, I'll share our best tips in topics, because I think it's easier for you — but if you guys prefer it differently, please let me know!
If you missed the previous posts about Indonesia, Switzerland and Italy, make yourselves comfortable and read them. And feel free to email us if you have any question!

Let's visit Barcelona in 3 days (I'm giving you day four as well, because day one and day four was just half of the day)!

Day One — We arrived at lunch time
  • We had lunch at Vita Gastrobar — delicious tapas and good wine!
  • Park Güell

Day Two — Where we walked around to and ate
  • We had lunch at Bacoa Burger. It was delicious! I tried their typical one and loved it.
  • We took a break at Alsur Café (in El Born) — best mojito and red velvet cake!

Day Three — Where we walked around to and ate
  • Batlló House – please don't miss this!
  • La Barceloneta
  • Montjuic Castle
  • Montjuic Magic Fountain

Day Four — We just got lost in the streets enjoying the beautiful architecture and came back to our sweet home

I loved the tips I found on Little Tiny Pieces of Me blog, if you want to check it, click here.

Hope you loved today's post!
Have a nice week!


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