Anine Bing's New Flagship L.A. Store

March is just around the corner and, in a blink of a eye, Spring will be here! This is the perfect time to prepare and organise your wardrobe for the next season. Follow this top five tips to set up your wardrobe for Spring:

1. Reserve a couple of hours to edit your wardrobe. Put on some music, burn a candle and get in the mood.

2. Go through all your goods: from clothes to shoes, bags and accessories, you need to edit everything!

3. Divide all pieces into three categories: 

- KEEP IT: all the pieces that you love and wear all the time, the ones that fit you perfectly and that make you feel special when your wear them.

- MAYBE YES, MAYBE NO: all the pieces that are cool but don't fit you perfectly right now. Eventually, you will have to make another selection: what needs to be fixed, what isn't your style anymore, what will not fit you again (sometimes our body changes and it's ok!)

- GIVE AWAY: the pieces that are falling apart, that you don't like anymore and the ones that seemed like a good idea at the store but reality is slightly different.

4. Keep only the clothes of the season in front view, it's very important to have space and a clear vision of all your possibilities in the morning. Plus, you can try several outfits and take pictures of  what works better for future use.

5. Write down what is missing on your wardrobe and buy strategic items that will upgrade your style. Search online for inspiration and new trends.

Choose carefully the pieces and brands you are going to buy. If you are looking for basics, it's preferable that you buy good quality pieces, because you will use it a lot and for a long time.

I always prefer to shop online, I have more options, I can easily discover new brands and purchase something unique, and it's quicker and more efficient, too.

I'm totally obsessed with these online fashion stores: Sezane, Anine Bing and Free People. When it comes to shoes, I have a crush on the VEJA sneakers.

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