How to make your new year resolutions work

It's almost inevitable to make New Year's resolutions. Every year. And never go ahead with it! Every year we fail and we alway...

It's almost inevitable to make New Year's resolutions. Every year. And never go ahead with it!

Every year we fail and we always do it the same way the next year.

I believe it's possible to stick with New Year's resolutions but there are small rules we should follow to make easier to keep our commitment.

1. Resolutions can't be generalist, it's the first step to not follow with them. Instead of defining the resolution "go back to the gym", we must define a more specific and "not impossible" action to achieve like "go to the gym twice a week".

2. Break the resolutions into several points that make your life easier. Going back to the gym example: set go twice a week to the gym and never miss a Monday. It's a trick we should all use - it may seem difficult but it makes the week run better at several levels (energy, healthy eating, motivation) and makes it easier to keep the gym promise, after all, during the rest of the week, we just need to get another day to the gym!

3. Set deadlines to the resolutions, after dividing the resolution in easier steps, is important to set deadlines for achieving those steps, it's the only way to pass from projects to actions.

4. Be realistic. If we are not, we are only fooling ourselves. It's totally unrealistic to propose to start our own company (without external investment) and establish the goal of earn 1 million in the first year. It can happen but, in general, it isn't a realistic goal. We must set a goal that is achievable and that doesn't make us want to give up in the middle of the year.

5. Don't overdo the number of resolutions and don't try to implement all them at the same time. Our mind requires some time to acquire new habits. If on January, 1st we start waking up at 6 a.m., going to the gym everyday, reading more, meditating and eating healthy, in 5 days we have given up of everything! It's inevitable.

6. Make resolutions for the several areas of our life - career, body, mind and soul.

7. Finally, something important, that makes all the difference following through on the resolutions - make resolutions for the year, but revise the list and adapt it in June or July. If you are already going to the gym 2 times a week, this is the ideal time to increase to 3 times, by now you should be addicted and it will be so much easier.

Even so, all resolutions must be something that makes us better and that makes our life easier, and if we change our minds in the middle of the year, it's totally normal, every day things change and isn't bad to change our vision, it's also a sign that we grow and that we understand our path.

Although you should plan some of your steps, don't forget to make room to live spontaneous.

Enjoy the new year.

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