The morning is a very sacred time of the day. The sun is rising, we get up and we start getting ready for the challenges of the day ahead. It’s really important how we start the day, as this might influence your performance until you go back to sleep at night. Having a morning routine can really set you up in a positive way.


Mornings are our prime cleansing period. We can see that this is a natural happening, as you wake up in the morning you may notice coating on your tongue, bad breath, you might need to take a shower, use the bathroom, brush your teeth. These health practices are essential because toxins are literally coming out of your body in different ways. So what we do in the morning is to support the natural cleansing wave that is already happening.

Drink Water

The 1st and best thing to put into your body in the morning is fresh water. You probably become dehydrated during the night, as we are so many hours without any food or drink. Water is needed in every single cell of your body. We are 90% water and it’s crucial to help the body to function more efficiently and to keep your toxin levels low. Start the day ideally with two cups of fresh water as soon as you wake up.


Allow yourself some time in the morning so you don’t have to rush. This will really impact your day in a positive way. Allow yourself to sit down for a moment before you reach for your phone, prioritising yourself before you start being pulled in different directions. Close your eyes and connect to your breathing even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. This could be also a way to start a meditation practice.

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Our first moments of the day are the most open and sacred, as they bridge the gap between dreaming and consciousness. Mornings are the perfect time to connect with your precious soul so take this opportunity to go inwards before you start rushing into the day. There are plenty of guided meditations available online for free that can help set you up for the day.
Grounding and meditation really can support you to be less reactive, which means you’ll be able to do better choices throughout the day.  

Ginger Shot

This is a killer but it’s so good to support your immune system and fire up your metabolism and digestion. Trust me, you won’t need coffee in the morning, this works as a natural espresso and definitely will wake you up! I learned this on a Jason Vale juice diet and I started implementing it on my diet. Every time I start feeling sick, with flu or even just a sore throat, this really gives a boost to my immune system and works as a decongestant, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory. You will need a juicer, not a bender! Simply juice an apple with a chunk of ginger and this will kill all the bad guys! As Jason Vale recommends, drink it once a day or three times a day if you have a cold or flu. Simple and natural!

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Hot Lemon Water

Lemon is packed with vitamin C, it’s great for your skin and is also supportive to your liver tissue which is your main detoxifying organ. So you’re already starting the day in a good way, by firing up your main detox organ. It balances to maintain the pH levels in the body and serves as a powerful antibacterial. Heat up the water while you’re getting ready, squeeze half of a lemon into a cup, add ½ cup with room temperature water and the other ½ with boiled water and you don’t have to wait so it cools down. While you wait for the water to boil, take some yoga twists.

Yogi Twists

We want to expel as much waste as possible, want to focus on elimination and twists are really great to squeeze your gut, your liver and your kidneys, to helps toxins leave the body. You can do it seated, standing or even lying down, whatever feels right for your body. Another great and deeper practice to squeeze and massage your internal organs is Nauli Kria.

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Nauli Kria

Yoga is not only asana or fancy postures. It implements the cleaning and purification of the body. Nauli Kria is one of the purifications of the body and basically it is an exercise based on a massage of the internal belly organs by a circular movement of the abdominal muscles. It's considered as a difficult exercise but there are different variations, which can be learned gradually one after another:
these exercises helps purifying the channels of digestion and strengthens the digestive fire so we can nourish ourselves with the food that we take and get rid of the waste. As my teacher said once, it should be your breakfast, this means it should be put into motion first thing in the morning in an empty stomach. Ladies should avoid nauli if they are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or on their “ladies's holidays”.

Take Probiotics

The colon is full of bacteria to make things work for us, good bacteria and bad bacteria. When things are out of balance, the growth of bad bacteria increases, constantly releasing toxins into the system, causing the immune system to work overtime just to keep things under control. Taking probiotics is another great way to bring balance, support your energy, digestion, overall health and beauty. Imagine your colon as a stadium full of people. Taking probiotics is like adding 100 good guys into your stadium, whereas an yogurt adds only 10 good guys. Have your probiotics in the morning with your green juice or smoothie.

Have a Green Juice/Smoothie

If we put something really heavy in our stomach first thing in the morning, the body will need a lot of energy to break it down, redirecting the energy from cleansing back into digestion.
We should be supporting the natural cleansing state of the body by having something light as a green juice or smoothie. It’s a way to give yourself a lot of nutrition in the morning as it has a lot of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and fibre to sustain your energy.
Vegetables, especially greens, have the highest alkalinity, and including greens in your diet is really important to have your energy at the highest levels.

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You will go into the morning feeling really nourished and not necessarily needing lots of caffeine. If you still need a cup of coffee, that’s ok. You are putting so much nutrition into your body with your green juice that you creating a really strong foundation to go into the day.

Allow yourself time so you can do these practices in the morning. If you start the morning already rushing, this might reflect in a chaotic, rushed day. The way we start is crucial to get things right. Having morning routines will help you start the day in such a positive way that you’re not only enhancing cleansing and inner energy, you'll also be able to do better choices for the rest of the day.

I hope this helps you change your life and to find a healthier and happiest version of yourself.

Much love,

Cat xx

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