We loved Indonesia! It’s a whole different world from what we are used to. I felt it more in Indonesia than in Malaysia.

We started in Bali. The paradise everyone talks about. What can I say about Bali: from the touristic point of view, it’s pretty well located, with lots of restaurants and shops. The staff is all super nice and knows how to give tourists a proper welcome.

The beaches were OK. In my opinion, we have look-alike beaches here also. We went to Dreamland beach and to Padang Padang beach. I enjoyed more the first, it was more quiet and it gave me Nature vibes.

We visited the Uluwatu Temple, simply charming. The photographs speak for themselves. I had an amazing and lasting experience with the local monkeys.

The next day we visited the Tanah Lot Temple, beautiful with a magical charm. It was in that place that I became a bit of a shopaholic! All of those fabrics, the patterns, everything was cute! Even for children it had details that made you lose your mind.

Not so comfortable with my negotiation skills, I managed to get some good prices thanks to João’s tips, he’s a pro!

We carried on with our trip onto Ubud. I loved it, from the bottom of my heart! I felt so good there that I can’t even put it into words. Ubud is special, and only if you go there you’ll understand what I am talking about. Mind-blowing, it felt like home.

During this time, I was also able to try out out things that I've never done before, like riding a motorcycle a few times. The rice fields are a characteristic of this place and it’s a mandatory stop.
We watched a traditional Balinese dance but it was interrupted due to heavy raining. No need to stress because hiccups happen all of the time, and we laughed, we were soaking wet!
Ubud has the best market ever! It’s really worth it, nevertheless for the experience, it has everything you can imagine. Household accessories, jewelry, fabrics, food, spices, I brought a little bit of everything! haha

People are adorable, even when they insist 20 times for you to buy something. The Bath Temple is also a place you must visit.

From there we took off to the Gili Islands. Breathtaking place, just paradise... I hope it stays that way even though human intervention keeps rising there. These Islands are immaculate. No cars or motorcycles, just a few bikes and carts. Gili are also special and in the end for these reasons and many more, it is considered my favorite place.

Here we tried paddle, we rode bicycles a lot, discovered amazing beaches, swam with turtles and had a lot of romantic dinners. It’s the perfect place to relax, be in harmony with nature and shut yourself down from the outside world.

Our last stop was in Lombok. I didn’t take any pictures with my camera, just with my iPhone. I’ll share a compilation with all of the photos that I shared on Instagram during this dream
trip. I’m extremely grateful for this experience. Best trip ever.

Thanks so much for reading! Bringing you new adventures soon!



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