Annie Georgia Greenberg in Lisbon | image credits: Refinery29

All the contributors writing for Backstage Journal have a very special connection to Lisbon.

It's our city, some of us live here, some of us used to live here, a lot of our friends are here and we truly love Lisbon.

There is so much to experience here, to do, it's a city full of surprises, amazing spots, great food, the river, a magic light, a lot of sunny days, and it's so good to see it recognised all over the world.

This time it was the amazing digital destination Refinery29 [one of the co-founders Christene Barberich was here in Lisbon last year for WebSummit] that made a special video where you can get to know Lisbon in 60 seconds and it's so cool, they truly captured the essence of Lisbon.

If you want to watch it >> 60 seconds cities | Lisbon  

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