Beauty buffs living in Los Angeles, rejoice, as cult brand Glossier has just opened a permanent store in Melrose Place, West Hollywood, in the heart of where everything happens. Inspired by the California desert and the feeling of driving off into the sunset, Emily Weiss, the brand's founder, created an immersive space that sums up Glossier's minimal yet quirky style.
Hello, friends! Today I’m talking about my life as a freelancer and some facts I’ve been experiencing in the last two years. Being a freelance photographer is for sure one of the things I most value in my life. I’m living my dream and I want you to do the same knowing you’re not alone in the less good times. There is always a bright side in every situation even when we can’t see it immediately. Every situation happens for a reason: to make us grow as human beings.
Eight years ago, Alexander McQueen was at the peak of his career when he took his own life, shocking the entire fashion world. His legacy, though, has lived through the years as if it never happened in our minds and in our hearts, proving once more that McQueen was — is — one of the most profound, immersive, and brilliant artists of our time, spreading beyond his field.
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She's got a very cool eclectic style and a closet full of vintage jeans. Also, she's the designer behind the stylish and timeless shoe brand everyone's talking about.
People say everything happens for a reason, in its own time, and that's exactly what happened with A-line , a Portuguese brand that's ready to take over the tailor-made woman's shirt wear world. The brand oozes elegance, poise, and savoir-faire, a fairly holy trinity that makes up for what women look for in a shirt.
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