Every single day we discover new products, new brands, new things. They catch our attention for a moment, but only the most special ones stay on our radar. June is a special month, it's officially summertime (in the North Hemisphere, of course), days run smoothly, it's great to go out and enjoy a glass of wine with friends after work and on the weekends it’s time to go to the beach — and after-beach chill out at some of our favourite dinner spots; most of us have the first days of summer holidays, and everybody looks happier.
Tucked away in a lively SoHo street in NYC, there's a space where all our interior design and shopping dreams combined can turn into a sophisticated reality. I speak of none other than The Apartment by The Line , put together by the trendsetting duo and co-founders Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelborn .
Thought out in detail for the contemporary woman, IMAUVE made its way into our lives by being as honest and uncomplicated as it can be, yet it still bears complexity in its edges and contours. 'The luxury of simplicity' could very well be the brand's motto, a journey into the modern lifestyle where design and comfort are everything.
In case you're wondering what the title means exactly, we've got you covered: The Sweet Art Museum opens its doors on May 31st for the first time ever and it promises to take us on a journey through a world of wonders specially designed for those with a sweet tooth, indeed.
This summer just got a whole lot more interesting, as Pop the Bubble unveiled its first capsule collection named after what we all secretly would like to be: NOMADE , a poetic, French-y twist on the nomad life and style.
Beauty buffs living in Los Angeles, rejoice, as cult brand Glossier has just opened a permanent store in Melrose Place, West Hollywood, in the heart of where everything happens. Inspired by the California desert and the feeling of driving off into the sunset, Emily Weiss, the brand's founder, created an immersive space that sums up Glossier's minimal yet quirky style.
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