For two days — April 18 and 19 — some of the most important decision-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and editors will be reunited at Pateo da GalĂ©, in Lisbon, to discuss the topics that are impacting the global luxury and fashion industry.
A morning and evening routine can play a big role in maintaining our health and beauty but can also impact our productivity. They can help us not only to make us feel good with ourselves, but also to stay productive, have clarity, achieve more and do work that actually matters for a fruitful and positive day. No wonder that CEOs from successful companies have their own morning and evening routines.
Hello, friends! I'm back with a handful of super cute places around the city of my heart, Lisbon! I've always been a breakfast lover; I could have breakfast all day and be happy with that. Some years ago, I would spend hours searching for cute coffee shops to visit in my next trip. I was in love with everything abroad and missing this kind of thing in my city.
From the floral pattern of the ‘Paradiso’ notebook to the new palette colours of Cult Gaia Ark Bag, these are the 10 things that we fell in love with — and have to have — this spring!
Hello, friends! This time, I'm bringing you with me to Barcelona! Ready? It was a short trip, but we did our best with the time we had. I was in need of some fresh air to restart this new year and these days were a huge inspiration! I went to Barcelona about 10 years ago with my best friend for a New Year's Eve party, so coming back was really good. I love this city, I felt so inspired just by walking around, finding little corners and sweet spots.
Fashion month's over and, in addition to the runway trends, we were inspired by street style outfits that define the upcoming trends.
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