As you all well know, we're standing on a sharing-driven platform built on the idea of transforming an e-commerce business into a well-transitioned digital lifestyle journal. Thus Backstage was born, the fanciful, chatty, and hip counterpart to Pop the Bubble .
Every single day we discover new products, new brands, new things. They catch our attention for a moment, but only the most special ones stay on our radar. September is almost a “back to reality” kind of month. Summer vacations are over, the days are smaller, and the nights are milder. It’s time to get back to our routines, define new projects and set goals for the next months. It’s also time to look at our wardrobe and set up the mood for fall . This month, we are addicted to new TV series and new seasons because summer is over and it’s nice to be on the couch, with Netflix and a cup of tea.
From September 20 to 23, there's a place in London where an international selection of talented designers and brands will get together for an amazing showcase of all things design. This year's edition of London Design Fair makes its way onto our hearts and latest obsessions.
September: It’s the end of the silly season and officially the back to work month. It’s a kind of a new year , our minds are full of new projects, new achievements, new promises of returning to the good old (or new) habits: eat well, go to the gym, drink more water, watch less Netflix, sleep more (and on time), work less and go out more. So, to make sure that everything runs smoothly, we need to set up a basic wardrobe with the new season essentials.
When I first bumped into this all natural, certified organic skincare brand, around 2016, I felt inspired, curious; seduced, even. Herbivore Botanicals is, of course, much more than this, but their humble beginnings give us hope and let us think that with hard work, dedication, and passion, dreams do come true.
What is so special about an island that is right over there in the Mediterranean? Essentially its spirit. Its beaches. They are beautiful, breath-taking, and most of them are meant to be found out through the luxurious greenery, and a few steps ahead there is nothing we can say, except for: wow! Are you sure this wasn’t photoshopped? This is it: the water is turquoise, the sand is white, the sea is so calm that can almost be mistaken for a pool. To soak in these waters evokes such a feeling of tranquillity and peace that it is addictive.
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